what we love right now


My dermatologist introduced me to this awesome sunscreen. It’s clean, has a bit of hyaluronic acid that plumps the skin and for a mineral, zinc-based product, it blends really well. It comes in both tinted and non-tinted formulations and won’t break the bank. My new daily “go to” is the Broad Spectrum Untinted SPF 44.


The Peloton Experience

Peloton is an exceptional workout experience. If you're like us, we need motivation, and Peloton serves it up in spades. You can choose from hundreds of classes and instructors so it's a completely personalized experience. What's not to love about that?


Goop Glow 

Goop Glow Morning Skin Superpowder is part of my morning routine. It contains vitamins C + E, CoQ-10 and Lutein, among other ingredients that support healthy skin, which is what we want - healthy, plump, beautiful skin. My friends say my skin looks great and that’s all I needed. 


TNS Advanced+ Serum 

I have a love-hate relationship with this serum. I love how silky and fabulous my skin looks and feels after applying it, but I hate the price point. TNS Advanced+ serum is one of the few products with growth factors.  This is a definite must-have in your morning + evening routine.


Away Luggage

Now that the world is opening up, I’m so excited to get on the road. Away luggage is the perfect travel companion. It's the perfect size for an extended getaway. It's roomy, but compact and you can fit quite a bit in it with little effort. Plus it has a built in charger - bonus!

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Hands down, Birkenstocks, are my ultimate summer sandal. These sandals are incredibly comfortable, flexible, and soft, can be dressed up or down, are great for travel, the list is endless. If you haven’t tried them, you should. I have both the original Arizona version and the Gizeh.

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I happened upon Pathwater in the airport on a recent trip to California. Rather than plastic bottles, their water is packaged in BPA-free aluminum recyclable bottles that vary in size from 12 to 25 ozs and are refillable. Added bonus, they're compact. Perfect for a backpack or purse. What’s not to love about that?

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