what we love right now

Ogee Organic Skincare

There is a lot of clean beauty out there, but Ogee Organic is worth the try. I was gifted their Nourishing Trio for my birthday. What an amazing gift. It included Jojoba glow face oil, botanical face mist and sculpted lip oil. In a word, fabulous. These products are clean and luxurious. I layer the face oil over my retinol at night and my face hasn’t looked more radiant. The mist is my go-to on warm days. Let’s not forget the fabulous lip oil. You are going to want this line in your bag. Ogee is perfect for the dog days of summer.

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Atelier Sandals

I picked up these sandals while on a trip to Vancouver BC. They are not only stylish, but comfy too. With a leather knot band, they give even a casual outfit just a little something, something to up the style quotient. I’ve worn them with dresses and with shorts. If you’re looking for a quality pair of light-weight, sporty and stylish sandals, the Rogers from Ateliers do not disappoint.

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Goop Glow 

Goop Glow Morning Skin Superpowder is part of my morning routine. It contains vitamins C + E, CoQ-10 and Lutein, among other ingredients that support healthy skin, which is what we want - healthy, plump, beautiful skin. My friends say my skin looks great and that’s all I needed to hear. Plus it tastes great.  


Bella Dahl

These easy, breezy pieces makes this brand a staple for any summer wardrobe. During the summer on Cape Cod, I want clothes that not only breathe, are light and airy, but are comfortable and stylish. Bella Dahl clothing is perfect for those days that are hot and streamy. What I'm loving right now is their sleeveless A-line dress. It's 100% tencel, so it breathes, its sustainable and perfect for those steamy, hot days. 

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TNS Advanced+ Serum 

This serum. I love how silky and fabulous my skin looks and feels after applying it, but I hate the price. TNS Advanced+ serum is one of the few products with growth factors that I know of. I read about the benefit of growth factors in an Allure article. I’m not gonna lie, this is expensive, but well worth it.


Neutrogena Face Mask

If you follow The Well Dressed Life, you may have heard about the Neutrogena hyaluronic face mask. She gave it such a glowing (non-sponsored) endorsement, that I had to give it a try for myself. If you're looking for a good face mask that keeps your skin hydrated this is an inexpensive one. $3.29/mask at Target.

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ISDIN Photo Mineral Sunscreen

Are you still looking for that perfect sunscreen? I know me too. My sunscreen varies by season. This time of year my fave is ISDIN. It was recommended by my dermatologist. It’s mineral zinc-based, fast-absorbing and light. It blends well and doesn’t feel heavy when you layer foundation.  It comes in both tinted and non-tinted formulations and is best for sun damaged or actinic skin.
Eryfotona Actinica Broad Spectrum Untinted SPF 50.

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Clothing by Rails

Are you looking for quality, light and breezy pieces that multi-task? Rails has you covered. I picked up the Ellis blouse in white. It’s great on it’s own, as a cover-up over a tank, or with a light-weight vest. I love it when I can create multiple outfits with one piece. Even better is that it’s part of their Eco Collection that features fabric made from recycled and organic materials. What’s not to love?

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Trapp Candle No 13

I love a great candle. You know the ones where you inhale deeply and savor the scent? Candles from Trapp Fragrances are nothing short of amazing. The scents are not only unique, but they linger. If florals are your thing, you’ll love Number 13 - Bob’s Flower Shoppe. It's the perfect mix of botanicals and cut greens. When I light it, it’s almost like walking through a flower market. Especially during the summer months, I love to open the windows and smell the clean scent of flowers.

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