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Slip into sleep

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

The gift of sleep: a Slip silk pillowcase is life-changing

For my birthday this year, my twin sent me a Slip pillowcase. I want to give a shout out to her because she is literally the best gift-giver ever! She always comes up with something great, unique and useful. This gift didn't disappoint. Sleeping on a Slip pillowcase is like sleeping on air.

Now, you might say, "really, is it that good?" My answer is a resounding yes! Here's why. When you get the pillowcase, it comes in a lovely box with statements such as, "anti-aging, anti-sleep crease, anti-bedhead," "sleeping on silk is recommended by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, hairstylists and beauty experts," or "slip, it's like an 8-hour beauty treatment overnight." These may sound like false claims, but I'm inclined to believe them, especially since I've experienced the benefits of anti-bedhead and to some extent anti-crease. The jury is still out for me on the anti-aging, but two out of three isn't bad.

Another added benefit that isn't highlighted is that the silk is cool at night, so if you experience hot flashes, it's a plus to help you cool down. Also, I love how this pillowcase feels...smooth and soft, making it easy to snuggle in and fall asleep. An added bonus is that it's machine washable, so not a lot of extra work to maintain it. And, there is a wide array of colors, so it works with pretty much any bedding.

The gift of sleep is something we shouldn't take for granted. Lack of sleep takes a toll on your mindset and well-being. I love that the company puts on the packing "sweet dreams," because it really speaks to what we all want and need....a good night's sleep.

I'm loving Slip right now. Let us know what you love. #mosslife, #sleep, #slipsilkpillowcase, #sweetdreams


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