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Mother’s Day takes on new meaning

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Mother’s Day holds a special place in my heart because of the littles, now grown and off to college, who made me a mom. In midlife, being a mom takes on a new meaning. I often reflect on my own mom and how she dedicated her life to raising three strong girls. She was selfless and focused on doing the most she could for her family, even when things weren't ideal, and that focus continues to this day. She was forever the optimist, cheerleader and dedicated to filling us up with confidence. For that, I am eternally grateful, especially during this time in my life.

For the last 18 months, I've been blessed to have my family back at home. Granted, the older three (I have a small tribe of 4 kids) may not see it that way. We were able to reinstate regular family dinners, game nights, and lively conversations on the patio. This special time makes me reflect on the fact that motherhood is bittersweet and it changes as your kids get older. Now more than ever, I have the time to appreciate the little things ... the thank you after a meal, the question, do you need help with that? or their interest in seeking me out to chat about their day. These are moments I cherish because now that they’re grown, I know that these moments will be fewer and far between as they make their way in the world.

I do still have a little at home, he’s 12, approaching his teens, and is about to complete his first year in middle school. If you’re a mom, then you can relate to how quickly time with your kids flies by. They become more independent and suddenly you’re not their favorite “people” anymore. It’s a hard time as a mom because they start to distance themselves as they work through figuring out the changes that are happening.

But, it’s also a time to be present for the little gifts such as asking you to snuggle on the couch to watch a movie or wanting to share with you the latest chapter in a book they’re reading, or simply wanting to join you on a walk.

I’m reminded of a book I read several years ago titled, The Gift of an Ordinary Day… a Mother’s Memoir by Katrina Kenison. She spoke so honestly about her own experiences as a mother raising two boys. It resonated with me because I too experienced many of the same things. Kids going through adolescence, crazy middle school and high school years, and ultimately what it means as a mother when your kids are grown and have moved on.

This Mother’s Day, I’ll be spending as much time with my family as they'll have me. Being present and relishing this time is really a gift. Kids grow up before your eyes, and as a mom, you don’t really see it until they’re gone. Every day isn't always perfect, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

To all you mommas out there, I wish you an incredible day!


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