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Magnificent magnifying mirrors

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

A necessary accessory if you want to put your best face forward.

I think everyone can relate that there are things we see that we can't unsee. One of those experiences happened to me while at the dry cleaner. The woman in front of me was waiting to be helped and she turned to engage me in conversation about the weather. "Can you believe how cold it is today," she said. It was in the 20s and we were all bundled up, not really in the mood to have a conversation, but I humored her with a yes it is. Unfortunately, I couldn't take my eyes off of her eyes. She was wearing fake eyelashes that weren't put on next to the eye line. I asked myself, does she know? Should I tell her? Long story short, I didn't tell her, and I thought after, does she use a mirror when she puts those on?

It’s no surprise that as we enter our 40s and 50s things start to change. For one thing, our eyesight. Readers or reading glasses may be a necessity. Regardless of how your eyes change, adding a magnifying mirror is essential to make sure your make-up is flawless. You may have read that natural light is the best for applying make-up which is probably why when you try make-up on at Sephora, it looks totally different when you get it home. It's all about the lighting. This sounds so simple and yet, there are so many women, including myself until recently, who don’t own one. Not only do magnifying mirrors illuminate your face so that you can see every pore, every line, and every brown spot, but they can be tremendously helpful when putting on make-up, cleaning up eyebrows or plucking unwanted hair that starts to appear in undesirable places (ie., your chin).

Luckily, there is a large selection, at a variety of price points. Here’s a recent article that can help you make a selection: The Strategist showcases what users find to be the best options on Amazon. As with anything, everyone is different, so think about what is best for you. There are several product reviews available, so check them out. But, I also ask my girlfriends….they are the ones who are honest and transparent about what works for them and why. My friend had this offer... “the mirror has multiple light settings, 10x the magnification, which I loved, and helped me better apply my makeup.” So, I ended up purchasing the Ovente through Amazon for $55, based on her recommendation. Although it got mixed reviews, it works for me. Just to be sure, I also ordered the top-rated mirror on Amazon and have to say I wasn’t impressed. One mirror that I'm currently coveting is made by Simplehuman, but its price point is a bit much for my taste. You never know, I've been known to change my mind!

If you have a magnifying mirror you think is awesome, share with us what it is. Our girlfriends will thank you for it! #mosslife, #agepositive, #inspiringwomentoday


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