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Inspired by My Latina Tribe

As a midlife Latina, it's all about family and community

Three generations of strong, beautiful Latinas

I love being Latina. As a first-generation Panamanian, my twin sister and I were raised to value family, faith, friendships, and community. We were taught that family is our biggest support system and the most important thing in life. Spending time together sharing food, socializing, listening to music, and dancing was core to our being.

As a Latina growing up in California, my fondest memories are of large family gatherings with grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, neighbors, and close friends. When our grandmother cooked, it was the most delicious food. We enjoyed plates of arroz con pollo, patacones de platano, tamales and yuca frita...some of my favorites to this day. Eating together was a family ritual, where we talked about our day, told stories, and laughed...always lots of laughter, in an environment filled with love.

Family, togetherness, and community are the values my sister and I continue to live by.

It’s why, in part, we founded Moss. We wanted to create a supportive and encouraging space where like-minded women could come together to share, learn, and be inspired by the midlife journey we're all on.

With all things digital, what I see now is a lack of personal connection, especially with my kids who would rather text than talk. Don't get me wrong, I too prefer text, but I also know how important talking face to face is to deeper engagement. That's why meals are sacred at our house. It's a time to sit around the table together, electronics-free, and share a meal, talk about the day, and anything else on our minds.

Hispanic cultural truths taught me and my sister the importance of connection and we believe that women, in particular, benefit from the support and encouragement of other women.

Now, as we experience life changes, we want women to share their experiences, provide support, encouragement, and insight so all women in midlife can live their best lives. It’s what my sister and I want for ourselves, our family, and closest friends. Why shouldn't we want that for midlife women everywhere?

So, we’re excited to launch Moss during Hispanic Heritage Month 2020 because we believe our heritage is not only worth celebrating, it also reflects the importance of having a tribe to call your own in midlife.

We invite you to join us on this journey as we build a community or tribe of women that inspires and celebrates the next chapter of our lives. And, we encourage you to share with us your Latina midlife experiences. Celebrar mediana edad! HispanicHeritageMonth2020, #mosslife


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