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Holiday 2020 dress code: maxi skirt 3 ways

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Graham and Spencer's midi skirt is a perfect addition to your holiday wardrobe.

Holiday style. Like everything, I start early, and then somehow, it's 10 days before Christmas and I still have nothing finalized. Back in the day, I would get super excited to get the December InStyle magazine. I couldn't wait to see what @instyle “your look | instant style” would feature. I always loved that they had a single piece, like a skirt or a blouse or a dress and they would style it to be used in a few different ways - casual, dressy, office - I loved that! It always gave me the inspo I needed to create, what I thought, was a really fabulous look. Not the exact look, but maybe the colors worked or a featured piece was all I needed.

Unfortunately, I don’t really buy magazines anymore. They were always my treat for long flights. Now, I find inspo everywhere from women walking down the street in my town to following @oliviapalermo on Pinterest or other style fashionistas on insta.

My strategy is to take the lead of fashionistas I admire, emulate with pieces in my closet (and the occasional purchase) to pull a look together that fits my lifestyle. In this case, Cape Cod, which screams nautical, casual, casual and more casual. Did I say casual?? While casual works for most days, sometimes you want to step it up. Sometimes you want to wear more than joggers and sweatshirt.

That’s the case with this awesome @velvettees Graham and Spencer midi skirt. I made this purchase last year and I love the navy. I wanted to find a skirt that would work for more than a special occasion. This season, they're featuring this skirt in a fabulous dusty rose. Similar to Thanksgiving, this is going to be a weird holiday. All I can say is so what? It's still fun to get dressed up and to feel good about this time. I'm looking forward to celebrating in a small way. For me, that means looking good even if it's just for my husband.

I plan to wear this skirt for Christmas Eve, NYE and any day I need a pick me up. Whatever we do, I’m wearin’ it! I have to say, I love @velvettees because they offer timeless pieces. I own quite a few and I have to say they just work for me

What do we think - are you getting dressed to celebrate the holiday?


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