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Clean Deodorant Debate

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

In midlife and beyond, making clean choices can make a big difference.

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All-natural deodorant is one of those things that, a few years back, would make you roll your eyes. It brings back memories of a Keeping Up with the Kardashians episode when Kourtney started using it and her sisters were planning an intervention because well, it wasn’t working. That episode aired several years ago and a lot has changed since then. Clean or natural deodorant makers have improved the formulations to the point where it’s actually a choice you can find in Target or your local grocery store.

I’d like to believe that I’m that person who’s focused on my health and wellness; that going the natural route has always been in my DNA when it comes to anything that I put in or on my body. Sure I workout, I eat as clean as possible, but I also drink alcohol, so, there’s that. In reality, I started taking a closer look at everything just before I turned 50. Maybe that’s because it wasn’t until the midlife point that I started to experience changes and realized holy crap, this is happening. And just like babies have no timeline when they decide to arrive, neither does menopause. It just happens. Right, wrong or indifferent, my focus became trying to hold off father time as long as possible and to age as best as I can.

I looked at all aspects of my life to determine what little changes I could make to improve my wellness. I’ve started with my make-up, skincare, and then my hair care. What else can I do to literally clean up my act? That’s when I looked at what I use under my arms. Every day we use deodorant or antiperspirant. Since puberty, we were taught this, but no one has really questioned it until about 10 years ago. It was suggested that antiperspirant, which contains an aluminum-based compound, could be linked to an increased risk of breast cancer and possibly Alzheimer’s. While the studies were inconclusive and no link was determined, it still made me think what if, down the road, it's determined, that in fact, there is a link? My thought is, why chance it, I want to make a change to something more natural. The problem was finding something that consistently worked and didn’t leave me smelling less than fresh. I tried a lot of different options and only two really seemed to work.

I have one that I absolutely love and that is the tea tree deodorant made by Primally Pure. @JennaKutcher talked about this line and I have to say, her passion was infectious, so I decided, it was worth a try. Needless to say, I love it. It doesn't keep you from sweating, but it does neutralize body odor. You don't feel like you're rubbing sandpaper in your pits. It goes on easily and has a scent that isn't too bad. The biggest bonus, no stains on your shirts. It's a bit pricey at $20 for the 2.5-ounce size, but I think it's worth it.

@Beautycounter has a clean deodorant called The Clean Deo I've tried the lavender and I have to say I'm a fan of this as well. It's more expensive at $28 for 2.11-ounces, but it comes in a refillable case. The refills are $18. Overall, this choice also has the bonus of reducing waste.

I've been using these products for the last 6 months. Both versions go on dry and smooth. If you want to make the switch, I would start with one of these.

If you don’t know how deodorant or antiperspirant works, check out the resources below.



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