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Breast Cancer Awareness Month Gives Bras New Meaning

In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I wanted to talk about bras. To me, bras are the ultimate feminine lingerie and I believe they give new meaning to women, especially those who have battled the disease.

Although I’ve never had breast cancer, I’ve had family and friends who have. Embracing femininity is important to women following a diagnosis and treatment. And, as we age, not only do we have a higher likelihood of breast cancer, our bodies change which makes it that much more difficult to find the right bra.

After 50, my body was changing and the bras I had just didn’t fit right. Loss of collagen and elasticity made my breasts sag. They started to lose their fullness and shape. Initially, I tried to eliminate the bulges around my bras, but then I realized they weren’t going away, no matter how much I exercised or weight trained. I had to accept the transformation as a fact of life. The bras I had were too tight, the straps dug into my shoulders and the bands amplified my sagging skin - definitely, not a good look.

In fact, they were so uncomfortable that I found myself not wanting to wear a bra at all. Luckily, I’m fairly small chested (32 A), so going braless wasn’t such a big deal, but as you can imagine, sagging breasts aren’t ideal either. So, I resolved there must be an alternative. Mature women, especially those who have had breast cancer, should have options to look and feel their best. Bras are no exception.

So, I searched online for advice from other women my age to see what they were saying about bras. I scoured blogs, websites and read reviews. I learned that bras aren’t a subject many women are talking about, yet it is a subject that is so fundamental to our being so it makes sense that other women must be experiencing this same dilemma.

At my age, I wanted comfort and shape, but I didn’t want to sacrifice attractiveness. And, I needed a fuller band, since I had extra underarm skin - not sure where that came from?

So, my mission was to find a comfortable bra that was both functional and attractive. It didn’t seem like a tall order at first, but as I searched for options, I found that most of the beautiful lace bras were made for younger women with perkier breasts. I tried Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s and Target, stores that were in my community. None of the bras fit the bill. They were either too tight, too big or small, not enough support or just plain ugly!

Enter ThirdLove. A friend of mine bought the lace contour plunge bra. She said it was the most comfortable bra she had ever worn, raving about the fit, comfort and beauty of it, I decided it was worth the try. After completing the 60 second “fit quiz,” a series of questions about my body type and bra size, I ordered two bras, the classic uplift plunge and the lace contour plunge. I was not disappointed. Not only were they beautiful, the underwire was supportive and the cups have memory foam which makes them especially comfortable and the bonus is that they are beautiful. But I must say the best thing about the bras were the half sizes! It turns out I’m now a 32 A 1/2, who knew?! The price point is a little high, $55-85, but if you can afford it, these bras are well worth it. They are gorgeous, comfortable and best of all functional.

Beautiful lingerie makes me feel feminine and sexy. As I’ve aged and my body has changed, it's become that much more important to me. It’s like a little secret of my younger self that puts a smile on my face every day.

Finding the right bra, changed my life. I know it sounds dramatic, but I like how I look and how I feel wearing them. Give them a try, you won’t regret it.

The likelihood of breast cancer affecting our lives increases as we age. It’s important to do monthly self-breast checks and annually schedule mammograms. Feeling beautiful and feminine in the right bra matters, especially when you’re battling a disease like breast cancer.

We need to celebrate our breasts and our femininity. Bras are one way to do that.

If you’re a breast cancer survivor and have a favorite bra, let us know. Or, if you have a bra that is especially comfortable and functional, drop us a line. We want other women to benefit from great finds!


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