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Birkenstocks are the It sandal

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Both comfortable and stylish, nothing beats a great pair of birks.

Growing up in the seventies, if someone was wearing Birkenstocks, they were definitely not looking to make a fashion statement. Back then, Birkenstocks were one color, brown, and they were always so worn looking - like they’d walked a thousand miles, literally.

Today, Birkenstocks are all the rage. They come in different colors, materials, and styles. In fact, you might even consider them in vogue. How times have changed.

I own two pairs. And I love them both. It’s not often that you find a brand that has offered consistent quality, year after year, decade after decade. Since 1774, this German shoemaker has delivered exactly that and made improvements along the way. I can’t say enough good things about these sandals. They mold to your feet, they’re stylish and best of all they're comfortable.

As we age, and especially in midlife, things just happen, particularly to our feet. I know, right? Another thing to worry about. Wearing heels can be a challenge which makes flats your friend. Quality and comfort become the priority.

There was a time that I resisted buying a pair of Birkenstocks because I thought they were unattractive and expensive for what they were. Then about 10 years ago, I found myself in a TJ Maxx walking through the shoe aisles scanning the racks for that perfect summer sandal, and there it was, a cobalt blue Birkenstock knock-off $19.99. Perfect. I wore those sandals until the strap broke. After that, I was sold and ready to make the leap to purchase the original Birkenstock sandal.

The beauty of birks (as they’re affectionately called) is that they’ve got a cork footbed with an arch, that over repeated wear will mold to your foot, making them incredibly comfortable. They also have what I call a toe bumper, which has slightly raised sides so your toes stay protected. In my world, this is important because I’m constantly cutting corners and stubbing or in some cases, breaking my toes.

The first pair I bought was the Gizeh, which I love. I then decided that a plastic Arizona pair would be ideal for the beach, gardening and generally being outside. Neither pair has disappointed. The other benefit to these sandals is that, unlike flip-flops, they have tread so you don’t slide on wet surfaces. They’re also great travel companions. I’ve traveled with both, but I prefer my plastic Arizona’s because of their versatility...they can be sandals, slippers, water shoes, you name it.

Although there are plenty of knock-offs, which you may want to try (as I did), you should know that there is nothing like the real thing. Don’t waste your money. Original birks are the way to go.

Birkenstocks will always have a place in my closet. They work with any outfit and in some cases upgrade your look. That's why I love these!

I’d love to hear about your experience with Birkenstocks. Would love to know your favorite Birk style and why.


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