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5 ways to redefine the holidays in 2020

The pandemic is giving us the opportunity to pivot and do something different. Embrace it.

The holidays are right around the corner and I can’t believe how quickly the last 10 months have passed. It’s definitely been a challenging year, for sure. That being said, I do love the holidays. I’m all about planning, prepping and list-making. I love baking and spending time with old friends I haven’t seen in ages; reconnecting over a coffee or a cocktail. Also, I look forward to our village strolls and can’t wait to put the dates on my calendar. Strolls are an old-school, Cape Cod way of kicking off the holidays, where each community comes together and shops open their doors to welcome locals with hot cocoa, sweets and holiday cheer. Unfortunately, there won't be strolls this year due to the pandemic, which is a huge bummer, and it makes me wonder what the holidays will look like this year. Beyond the strolls, I’m disappointed not to be traveling to see my family for the holiday. The picture above was taken last year during Thanksgiving.

This year is going to be very, very different and honestly, I’m feeling less festive. I look forward to the parties and spending time with friends and family. Even though I’m not socializing as much this year, I still want to find ways to gather, celebrate and connect. But it might mean taking traditions and redefining what they look like or making new ones. It’s time to shift focus and reimagine how I can still capture the magic of the season but in a different way.

I thought I’d share a few ways to embrace the holidays to stay positive and feel grateful:

Surprise yourself with the gift of beauty. Ulta and Anthro have 12 days of beauty where each day you open a makeup mini-gift. Think Birchbox meets Advent calendar. Opening something for yourself, can put a smile on your face and be just what you need to get in the festive spirit.

Invest in a new piece of clothing or jewelry. Okay, so yes, this year, you may be doing Zoom gatherings rather than in person, but you still want to look pulled together and feel your best. Get out of those joggers and put on something nice even if it’s just one piece like a new sweater, a furry vest or festive sparkly earrings. I know for myself, something new always boosts my mood.

Organize a family “turkey trot,” “jingle-bell run” or another socially distanced outdoor activity. In my community, there will be no organized events, which is just depressing. The annual 5K races were the best to get your heart pumping for a good cause, boost confidence, and get you outside before the festivities begin. You can still do these outdoor events but on a smaller scale. Maybe host a small group of friends around a fire pit (if you have one) or create a magical space in your backyard and have friends over for holiday s’mores.

Decorate, decorate, decorate. Just because you won’t have a lot of people visiting doesn’t mean you can’t feel festive by getting into the spirit. I love playing Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving and let the decorating begin! Put on a little Mariah Carey

Focus on the true meaning of the season. This time of year is about celebrating family, friends and community. If you know someone that lives alone, maybe order a meal and have it delivered or bake cookies and drop them off. Donate to a local shelter. There is a lot to feel good about this year.

How will you be spending your holidays this year? We’d love to hear what you're thinking.


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